Let Keymark Associates help your company to get on target in developing your new products.

FACT: A third of new products fail... more in volatile consumer and technology markets.
FACT: Succeed or fail, each new product launch is a substantial investment.
FACT: To grow 20% per year, your company must get 20% of its profits from products not offered five years ago.

Beat those odds with Keymark's planned, disciplined approach to new product development. We discuss your current business process and then strategies and goals to determine status of new product efforts. We're set up to apply creative insight through stage/gate systems and other systems in common use.

The Keymark Process

The Keymark Process

KeySparksm- The Idea Generator. An integrated, focused discussion with management team to tap ideas within organization, utilizing sources such as customers, suppliers, employees.

KeyScreensm - The Great Idea Identifier. Construct criteria from basic strengths and apply to each idea for ranking. Estimate rough cost/revenues of developing top ideas.

KeySearchsm - Researching The Great Idea. For selected ideas, estimate market potential, starting with quick, inexpensive estimates from secondary sources and expanding to comprehensive, custom market studies as the project advances. KeySearchsm studies can also be used to test marketing programs, advertising, trademarks and other aspects of new and existing products.

KeyStartsm - Developing the Great Idea. Plan each step toward getting prototypes, market testing and commercial start-up. Outline contingencies. Develop job descriptions for project team. Assist in finding internal and external candidates for project team.

KeyTestsm - Testing the New Product. Develop the appropriate test market. Gather and interpret results to determine future product direction.

KeyMarketsm - Commercializing the New Product. Develop and implement in concert with project team a complete business plan, including sales projections, investments required, manpower resources, production planning, competitor reactions and marketing strategies.

These services can be booked individually or as a total program

Other Services

KeyProbesm - Investigation of acquisition candidates or competitors to determine strategies, strengths and weaknesses. Analysis and recommendation of responses. Monitoring programs available.

KeyShowsm - Visit selected shows and conferences to gather information confidentially or represent your interest, often at a cost less than sending company representatives.

Keymark, Set, Go!sm - Urgently need a quick number for an emergency presentation? Call and we’ll find that key number for you, usually the same day. Guaranteed 48-hour turnaround.